Product Warranty


The quality and craftmanship that are built into every King Koil® mattress and foundation allow King Koil® to offer a product warranty against defects in manufacturing (except fabric). This Pro-Rated warranty extends only to the original purchaser and it is only valid within Malaysia.

Any manufacturing defects arising within the first year of purchase will be repaired without charges but all transportation cost must be borne by the purchaser. Should any manufacturing defects develop after the first year, repairs will be charged on Pro-Rated basis of the current retail price multiplied by the number of years used. Purchaser shall be responsible for transportation costs.

If service resulting from such defect is required during the remaining years of the applicable product warranty, as indicated on the schedule on the opposite side, your King Koil® mattress or foundation will be repaired OR replaced at the manufacturer’s option. Purchaser shall be responsible for labor and material charges, calculated as shown in the schedule for the warranty code of the model you purchased, plus all transportation costs. If identical materials are not available at the time of service, Manufacturer may substitute materials of comparable quality.

Proof of purchase with date, place of purchase and purchase price is required to obtain service under this warranty. Model name label and law label must be available to identify the bedding and validate this warranty.

The product warranty does not cover the “COMFORT EXPECTATION”


“SAGGING” VS. BODY IMPRESSIONS Various components utilized for the comfort layers will settle and could compress due to the weight and shape of the user. This “settling” or compression is not a structural or design defect, but a normal, expected result. Compression of upholstery materials of 1 1/2” or less should not be considered as sagging of the mattress. Compression of upholstery layers is not covered under this limited warranty. Sagging occurs when the mattress has a depression greater than 1 1/2”. (See example below.) Two people sleeping on a queen or king mattress may notice that the head-to-foot center of the mattress is raised. This is a normal occurrence and indicates that the upholstery layers in the sleeping areas are conforming to each sleeper’s body.

Example: Measure depression by making a straight line across the top with a yard stick. Then measure the distance from the straight line to the top of the quilt surface at the lowest point of depression. In this example, the mattress has a 1 1/2” depression – it is NOT a defect covered by the warranty.