How long can the mattress stay in the box?

King Koil Galax mattress can store up to 6 months if remains unboxing after purchase.

Can I sleep on my mattress right after unboxing it?

We recommend you to sleep on the mattress a couple of hours later after unboxing. After 24 hours, your mattress will have fully taken shape and will perform at its best! Don’t forget to put on the bed sheets.

Do I need to flip or rotate my mattress?

King Koil mattress does not need to flip. However, we recommend to rotate the mattress 180 degrees every 3-6 months to maximise performance and durability.

How can I clean the mattress?

We recommend spot cleaning using a slightly-damp cleaning cloth and air-dry it naturally or using a blow dryer on low heat settings.

How to unbox the mattress?

The unboxing of the mattress is quick and easy – just follow these simple steps below: Move your mattress to your desired room of installation before unboxing. Slide the mattress out and place it at the end of your bed base. Carefully cut the plastic layer by using the King Koil blade provided. Follow the… Continue reading How to unbox the mattress?

Where should I unpack the mattress?

Unpack your mattress in your desired room of installation before you start unboxing it.

Once I take my mattress out of the box, how long does it take to expand?

Once you take your mattress out of the box, it will be fully expanded in 24 hours. However, you may sleep on when it looks comfortable and ready. Don’t forget to share us your unboxing process! Upload the video and tag us in FB- King Koil Malaysia- Official & IG-kingkoilmy.