• King Koil Supersoft Pillow


King Koil Supersoft Pillow

Polyester Fibrefill Pillow

100% Combed Cotton Cover - Which give a cooler sleeping surface.

Garnetted Network  - A fine network of hollow fibres creates millions of air-pockets. Air being an ideal insulator when combined with hollow fibrefill creates an excellent sleeping environment.

Siliconised Treatment - With the siliconized treatment the surface of hollow fibrefill increase in softness, speed up the recovery from compression and prevents the fibre from becoming lumpy.

Sanitization - Hollow fibrefill is additionally sanitized and coupled with its inherent hygienic quality, it is non-toxic, non-allergenic and dust free.

100% Washable - Linked to all these features, fibrefill has superb wash, spun and tumble dry performance.

Size: 74cm x 48cm ; Weight: 750gm